A "Trudeau Election Video" That Savagely Rips Apart The Prime Minister

Election 2019 can't come quick enough.
A "Trudeau Election Video" That Savagely Rips Apart The Prime Minister

Not everyone in Canada is a big fan of Justin Trudeau. 

Despite his great hair, chiselled face, and slim figure, Trudeau hasn’t won the hearts of all Canadians. 

This video basically proves it. 

Unimpressed with the Prime Minster’s good looks, this faux election video pokes fun at Trudeau’s lack of political expertise and his penchant for going shirtless. 

Talking about what to expect out of Trudeau in his next term as Prime Minister, should he win the next election, the video promises no policies or tax-talk, just more “hot hairdos” and a lot more skin. Honestly, I’m kind of down. 

Best of all, the video compares Trudeau’s penchant for taking off his shirt with another notoriously bare-chested world leader: Vladimir Putin.

Being comfortable without a shirt is pretty much where the similarities between the two politicians end, but it’s a funny comparison nonetheless.

Maybe best of all is the video’s final tagline for the Prime Minister, calling him Justin “Show Us Your Tits” Trudeau. 

“These tits will make you forget Canada is collapsing,” which isn’t far from the truth. 

I don’t know if Canada is really collapsing, but I can say that Trudeau’s bare chest is pretty damn mesmerizing. 

By the way, you should head to the original video's comment sections for some really harsh words about Trudeau. Some savage stuff right there. 

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