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A Unique And Very Warm Way Montrealers Can Escape The Incoming Cold has you covered.
A Unique And Very Warm Way Montrealers Can Escape The Incoming Cold

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Let's face it folks, winter is coming, quickly, and once the cold weather arrives, it isn't going nowhere for more than a few months, which can seem like a never-ending period of cold with no glimmer of hope or heat.

The solution to many Montrealers is simply to escape the cold by heading to the heat, and taking a vacation to southern cities like Miami. Most of us don't have the cash to fund such an excursion, but thankfully, makes a winter excursion much more financially possible. is kind of like AirBnB, but for the higher class traveler taking apartments and renting them out to tourists, only CS makes their offered lodging much nicer than the random AirBnB host. Not only are their apartments right on the beach, they also have free WiFi, laundry machines, and fully-equipped kitchens, with most having pools and gyms too. They've even got a mobile app and a concierge service.

You could, of course, do the same by renting a hotel, you know, if you want to pay double or triple more. Hotels in South Beach can cost upwards of $200/night (many over $300) whereas all apartments cost a fraction of that, at $99 a night for MTL Blog readers. Due to their generosity, the team at has given exclusive deals to Montrealers who want to go to South Beach Miami (because where else would we want to go??) Not only do you save tons of cash every night, but you actually get to stay in an apartment that has some personal character, and isn't a soulless hotel room.

In addition, all apartments are included with a concierge service as well as top quality furnishing. You can even download their app and speak to a representative first hand.

A short reprieve from the intense cold of Montreal winter is nearly a necessity to most, and makes it all the more possible. After buying your plane ticket, lodging is pretty much taken care of. Split with a friend or two, and you're only paying around $30 a night, meaning you have more money to spend on food, drinks, and all the fun Miami has to offer.

Find out more about at their Facebook page and official website. Don't get trapped in Montreal for all of winter, and start planning your escape to the warm weather now.