A Very Harsh Winter Is Expected For Montreal In 2014/2015

It will be like last year's winter, just worse.

Photo cred - Michael Vesia Photography

Okay people, sorry to instill some very real summertime sadness, but, in the words of the Starks: Winter is coming, and it's gonna be a betch.

The Old Farmer's Almanac, which has been predicting weather patterns for 223 years with an 80% success rate (according to, has said the Winter 2014 will be bad all across Canada, Montreal included.

Montreal and all of Southern Quebec are expected to have "much greater than normal" snowfall rates, which will pair nicely with the "fierce conditions" to be experienced by all of Canada.

On the upside, summer is supposed to be even warmer next year. An incredibly harsh winter followed by a hot, but all too short summer. Sounds like every other year.

Commence groaning and moaning for winter if you haven't already yet, just make sure to enjoy what's left of summer while it lasts.

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Michael D'Alimonte


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