A Very Sexy Montreal Summer Timelapse Video

See the sunny season fly by.
A Very Sexy Montreal Summer Timelapse Video

We simply can't get enough of Montreal timelapse videos, and hopefully neither can you, 'cuz here's another to add to the ongoing list of vids.

Created by Thibaud Laroche, and filmed over this past spring and summer, this video features a bit more variety than the standard MTL-centric timelapse, as it not only features Montreal, but also includes other areas of Quebec and some Maritime provinces.

Most of the MTL-action happens in the first minute, keep watching though, because the beautful natural scenery featured from the other locales is something to behold. Check it out below:


Kudos to Jonathon Rooke who took the time to let us know about this video that captures the urban and natural beauty of Quebec and Canada. See more at the Portail Digital youtube channel.

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