A Video Of A Horse Collapsing After A Cabane À Sucre Sleigh Ride In Quebec Has People Outraged

The horse is still attached to the cart when it collapses.
A Video Of A Horse Collapsing After A Cabane À Sucre Sleigh Ride In Quebec Has People Outraged

Over the weekend a video was shared to Facebook of a Quebec horse collapsing at a cabane à sucre festival after giving sleigh rides. The horse was still attached to the cart during the incident, likely passing out due to extreme exhaustion.

During the days after the video was posted online Saturday, hundreds of people have expressed their disgust for the sugar shack and the owners of the horse. Many individuals even went as far as attacking the cabane à sucre for allowing sleigh rides.

Sleigh rides ran every 15 minutes before the incident, but are now being suspended until further notice.

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TL;DR A video of a horse collapsing at a cabane à sucre has people online worrying about the possible mistreatment of the animal who was being used to pull a cart.  Video below.

The original video of the situation was posted to Facebook on Saturday, with the horse initially having issues with its breathing after just finishing a sleigh ride.

Just moments later, the horse is seen lying on the ground and seems to be having difficulty standing back up.

Animal welfare experts are expected to examine the horse’s condition before sleigh rides are allowed at the sugar shack again.

In the meantime, the video has been shared and watched by thousands, which led to an official statement from Cabane à Sucre Constantin themselves:

Thousands of comments flooded the post, with some even going as far as calling the sugar shack slave owners, animal abusers, exploiters of animals and more.

Some comments even suggest that the cabane à sucre has lost their business after this incident.

Cabane à Sucre Constantin made an update on Sunday regarding the situation, which says that the horse immediately stood up after being released from the cart.

They have decided to wait before releasing more information until the horse is examined by a health expert on Monday.

Until the status of the horse is known, it looks like much of the public is denouncing sugar shacks that still offer sleigh rides.

Stay tuned for any updates.


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