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A Virtual Version Of Montreal Where You Can Do What You Please

A Montreal-made videogame where you can virtually tear through the city .
A Virtual Version Of Montreal Where You Can Do What You Please

ReRoll is the first game from Montreal developer Pixyul, and the city is one of the main settings of the new action-RPG.

Developed in collaboration with the city geomatics department to accurately create a virtual model of Montreal, ReRoll will basically be a classic survive-the-post-apocalypse-world using your cunning and wits.

Ville-Marie will be the very first playable setting in the game. Or in ReRoll terms, the first playable "brick."

Areas you will get to virtually explore (once the game comes out) include:

  • The Old Port
  • Mount-Royal
  • Downtown
  • The Financial District
  • Chinatown
  • And a bunch of Montreal parks

Check out the trailer below.

Montreal seems like the perfect city to get a little seedy and begin your descent into gritty survival. And now you can virtually do whatever you want, with zero consequences.

I'm personally super pumped and can't wait for this game to "roll" on out.

Find out more about ReRoll and howhelp fund the project at the official website.

Will you be playing ReRoll?

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