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A Visit To This Popular Canadian Attraction Will Make You Feel Like You're On Another Planet

Rising high above the red sandy shores of New Brunswick are the Hopewell Rock. One of Eastern Canada's most popular attractions.

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The rocks, also called Flowerocks, were created by tidal erosions and due to the extreme tidal range of the Bay Of Fundy are totally submerged in water twice a day.  This spot actually boasts the highest tides in the world. Yes - in the world!

As a result, you can go visit the rocks and walk around them at low tide.  At high tide, on the other hand, you can go take a kayaking tour around them. For the full experience, it's recommended to do both.

Not only can you visit the rocks, but this Canadian attraction has a stunning sandy beach along the banks of the Bay making it a great vacation spot that's not too expensive or far from home.

While the drive to New Brunswick from Montreal is long, about 10-hours, flights are relatively cheap ranging around $300 for round trip fare.

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For more info on Hopewell Rocks, click here and on visiting New Brunswick click here

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