A Warm & Cozy Montreal Plateau House That Was Built In The Most Unlikely Of Places

Photo cred - Naturehumaine

There's something about wood panelling that makes a living space look equally rustic and modern at the exact same time. Naturehumaine is expertly aware of this double-pronged design choice, using wood panelling throughout their renovation of the 1920's triplex now known as the Garnier Residence.

To reinvigorate the near-century old house, a large volume was added to the centre of the Garnier Residence which now functions as the focal point of the home. Ensuring the old-school vibe was not lost, the architects decided to keep the house's original exposed wooden walls, adding the same rustic effect popularized by exposed brick walls often seen in other modern living quarters.

A sleek modern design runs throughout the rest of the house which truly compliments the homely charm of the original design. Take a look inside the Garnier Residence through the photos below, courtesy of Naturehumaine.