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Find All Of Montreal's Murals With This App

An easy way to see the graffiti of the city.
Find All Of Montreal's Murals With This App

Photo cred - Photofil

Montreal is a hub for graffiti, murals, and urban art in general. Not only do we host events like MuralFest and Beaux Degats, the city's buildings and walls are also lined with unsanctioned works that are just as well respected.

You can walk around Montreal and find so many hidden gems of urban art, but wouldn't it be easier to have a single resource mapping out every beautiful mural Montreal has to offer?

Well Graffmap does just that. Think of it like google maps, only just for graffiti. You'll get a map of Montreal with icons showing you where a piece of urban art can be seen for your viewing pleasure.

Everything on Graffmap is user submitted, so you can contribute your own favourite murals. Better yet, the web app goes beyond the borders of Montreal, so you can discover graffiti from around the world.

Here's a sample of some of the sweet visuals Graffmap has to offer, I'm sure you'll recognize a more than a few.

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