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A Woman Was Hit And Killed By A VIA Train Last Night In Quebec City

The train was carrying 96 passengers.
A Woman Was Hit And Killed By A VIA Train Last Night In Quebec City

We often look to VIA Rail for deals on trips across the country and for scenic train routes. It's a much more relaxing journey opposed to taking a flight, plus travelling by train is probably a lot safer than being in the sky, right?

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Well, there's a higher chance for delay, longer travel times and, most importantly, disaster when you're still on the ground. At least when you're on a plane you pretty much have the whole "road" to yourself. But down here even train tracks can be hazardous.

There are the more easy fixes when it comes to weather-related issues. But rarely, serious problems resulting in fatalities can arise.

On Thursday night in Quebec City police arrived to the scene where a woman was struck by a VIA Rail passenger train. The accident occured near Plante St. in the city's Vanier district around 8:30PM.

Unfortunately the woman was declared dead at the scene, but police don't believe this was any accident. Investigations are ongoing to rule everything out, but it's assumed she jumped in front of the train in an attempt to end her own life.

What makes things even more horrible is that the train was filled with passengers. Not just cargo, but families and children who had to experience this disaster as well. Luckily all of the people aboard the train are uninjured, but chances are they're quite shaken up from the experience. 

VIA Rail has yet to release a statement, but more precautions will likely be taken in the future in order to prevent people from crossing the train tracks.


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