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A&W Has Launched "Bleeding Vegan Burgers" In All Its Restaurants Across Canada

Calling all vegans.
A&W Has Launched "Bleeding Vegan Burgers" In All Its Restaurants Across Canada

You're probably wondering why a veggie burger has become such a huge phenomenon in current news, most places tend to already have a few vegan options available (veggie burgers being the most popular).

The vegan burger A&W is launching is by the company Beyond Meat, which specializes in making vegan products that are said to taste identical to the real thing.  These burgers stand apart from the rest since they're actually scientifically engineered to smell, look, cook and taste exactly like meat.

I think the first thing we're all wondering is what the "blood" is actually made from. Well, it's actually just beet juice. The faux blood helps make the burger sizzle like a real patty when on the grill, and provides a more "authentic" effect for those who are nostalgic for childhood memories of having barbeques including beef burgers.

Via Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is going so far in advertising this as an "almost meat" as to even stock these patties in the meat section at grocery stores opposed to the vegan alternative area.

@awcanadaembedded via

A&W is releasing the burger in all of it's stores Nationwide this July 9 after making a deal with the meat alternative company. To learn more about Beyond Meat, you can click HERE.

Needless to say, I have pretty high expectations for this burger.


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