Adam Sandler Crashes A Wedding In Downtown Montreal

He's the gift that keeps on giving.
Adam Sandler Crashes A Wedding In Downtown Montreal

Currently in the city filming a new Netlflix movie with Jennifer Aniston called Murder Mystery, Adam Sandler has been spotted multiple times out and about enjoying the Summer bliss Montreal offers. 

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Last week he was spotted at the YMCA in downtown Montreal shooting some hoops, even playing a 1-on-1 game with a Montrealer. Needless to say, Adam Sandler sounds like a pretty cool guy. Taking the time to explore Montreal and spend time with locals definitely makes him a welcomed guest. Who knows where he'll be next and what oddly random place people will spot him in...

Well, turns out last Sunday he actually showed up to someone's WEDDING. Yep, I guess dreams really do come true. I mean what are the odds?! 

The happy couple was having wedding photos taken for their special day when they ended up bumping into the one and only. According to the bride and groom's photographer, Sandler was super nice, shaking hands, posing in photos and congratulating the couple. 

The couple was super excited to be able to hangout with Adam Sandler on the day of their wedding, and Adam seems pretty happy to be apart of the day as well. This is definitely one of the coolest wedding stories to ever exist. 

Here we can see photos of Sandler crashing the shoot that was being done by Sana Belgot from Mlle Sana Photography.

Via Sana Belgot from Mlle Sana Photography

Via Sana Belgot from Mlle Sana Photography

Via Sana Belgot from Mlle Sana Photography

We can only expect Adam Sandler will be spotted somewhere random in the city again soon, so keep a lookout for this gem of a celebrity!

Have you had any encounters with celebrities in Montreal? Let us know about it!

Photos courtesy of Sana Belgot from Mlle Sana Photography, check them out on Facebook and Instragram

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