Air Canada Is Having A Crazy "Weekend Getaway" Sale On Canadian Flights

Book that last minute vacation now!
Air Canada Is Having A Crazy "Weekend Getaway" Sale On Canadian Flights

THIS SALE IS OVER - Check out the Air Canada Summer Sale instead!

Lately, I've been writing a lot about fun and popular destinations to travel to within Canada.

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For example, I wrote a listof the most beautiful and world-renowned destinations in our own country. And everybody loved it!

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Although, the article got a lot of positive feedback; yes people agree that Canada is stunning. I did receive the same piece of negative feedback from many of our Canadian readers. They all agree that the price of domestic travel is WAY too high.

It seems like Canadians really do want to discover and visit our vast and beautiful country, however, flights within Canada can be just as expensive if not MORE than flights to exotic and tropical destinations.

However, if you're itching to vacation within Canada, you're in luck! Air Canada is having an amazing sale on domestic flights on the weekend of July 20th.

So - if you're feeling spontaneous, now is your chance to book a last minute weekend get-away to some of the most beautiful destinations within Canada. A pair of plane tickets also makes for a really fun and romantic last-minute gift for someone special.

Offer ends July 13th, so book as quickly as possible. Click HERE to find all the destinations and prices.

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