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Air Canada Is Having A Flash Blue Monday Sale With Flight And Vacation Packages Up To 50% Off

Ah, Blue Monday. It can be hard not to feel like this is just another holiday invented by companies to get us to spend more money.

But if Air Canada is down to give me 50% off flights, I'll play along.

Yep, Air Canada is selling flights and vacations to Mexico, the Caribbean, South and Central America for 50% off — if you book today.

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TL;DR Air Canada is having a 50% off sale TODAY ONLY. Flights to and hotel stays in Mexico, the Caribbean, South and Central America are all discounted. Fly between January 22 and April 30. Check out some of the hot spot destinations below.

The sale code is BLUE50 in reference to Blue Monday, supposedly the most depressing day of the year.

Why? Well, because Christmas is over and we're all broke from buying stuff for people with money we don't have, for one.

Via Air Canada

Plus, we've got a long way until another holiday... that is if you count Valentine's Day as a real holiday. And if you don't, well see you at spring break, cause there's nothing to celebrate between now and then.

Add onto that the fact that most people reading this are up to their ears in snow, and you've got a recipe for the blues, I guess.

If you're not feeling any of the stress or strain I mentioned above, then you're doing okay and maybe you don't need a vacation...

Or maybe you do!

The reality is you don't have to prove to Air Canada that you need or deserve a vacation... you only need to convince yourself.

So where have you been dreaming of going lately? 

Here's a little inspiration for you...

All these deals come straight from the deal website (link at the bottom of the article).

Spend 7 Nights in La Romana, Dominican Republic

This all-inclusive resort is only $589.00 per adult. Sounds like it's time to call up some of your besties and book this stress-free tanning vacay ASAP.

Spend 3 Nights in Barbados

Live it up like Rihanna for only $709.00 per adult. This is a seriously romantic weekend getaway.

Spend 7 Nights in Havana or Varadero Cuba

Both of these all-inclusive resorts are only $809 per person for a week... WHAT?!

@americas.vacationsembedded via  

My Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights dreams could all come true?!

You must fly between January 22 and April 30th.

Check out all the resort deals here at where you can also consider all the destinations that are included in the Blue Monday sale.

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