Air Canada Is Having A Giant Thanksgiving Sale This Week And Flights Are Insanely Cheap

The perfect opportunity to go home for the holidays!
Air Canada Is Having A Giant Thanksgiving Sale This Week And Flights Are Insanely Cheap

One of Canada's favourite holidays is this weekend. Just imagine pumpkin pie, huge turkey dinners, and incredible fall foliage. Thanksgiving is in the air!

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TL;DR Air Canada is offering insanely cheap prices on flights in a massive Thanksgiving promotion. The deal only lasts until October 9 and is available on both domestic and international flights.

During this special holiday, you probably have to travel to visit family for a huge gathering. At times, the destination may require you to take a flight to go home for the long weekend. 

Especially if it's across the country, the prices can add up. Luckily, to take some of the stress out of travelling, Air Canada is offering a massive Thanksgiving sale.

The sale lasts throughout the week, until October 9. There are a few different deals depending on where you're travelling, but the offers on flights within Canada are unbelievably cheap.

Some flights include Montreal to Calgary for only $277, Montreal to Halifax for $200, Montreal to Winnipeg for $228, the list goes on for quite a while.

Seriously, wherever you're going home to for the holidays this weekend, you'll probably be able to score an insane deal on your flight!

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It gets better. If you weren't planning on going home this Thanksgiving, but instead are trying to plan a vacation, there are deals on flights south of the border as well!

There's no reason to not treat yourself to a little travelling this upcoming weekend! 

For more information on Air Canada's Thanksgiving sale, click HERE.

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