Air Canada Is Having A Massive Holiday Sale On Flights To Tropical Destinations

As the holiday season approaches and we near the time for vacation leave and massive family get-togethers, many of us will have to begin our search for the most cheap and efficient way to travel home for the season.

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TL;DR Air Canada is having a massive sale on flights in Canada and the U.S. as well as Sun flights to the Caribbean. Deals are for one-way flights only. The sale ends this November 8.

Whether you're a student, living abroad, or have family all over the country, chances are you're going to be spending quite a bit of time in airports over the holidays.

So why not make it the least stressful experience you can have?

Well, Air Canada wants to do just that with their exclusive holiday sale on flights across Canada, the United States, and tropical destination.

The sale ends on Novemeber 8, so you'll want to book your discounted flight ASAP. There are dozens of destinations in both countries and across the Caribbean to choose from, so no matter where your home for the holidays is you'll be totally covered.

Of course, as winter approaches, the most appealing destinations included in this deal are definitely those in the Caribbean.

Popular destinations include:

  • Montreal to Bermuda – $241
  • Montreal to Aruba – $335
  • Montreal to Martinique – $281
  • Montreal to the Cayman Islands – $289
  • Montreal to Cancún – $322
  • Montreal to Curaçao – $346
  • Montreal to Belize City – $306
  • Montreal to Cayo Coco, Cuba – $289

The only catch is that the deals are for one-way flights, but with the money you'll be saving it won't even be a hassle to book a returning flight.

Some U.S. destinations included in the deal – like Fort Lauderdale, Maui, Las Vegas, and Miami – also offer a respite from the increasingly cold Canadian weather.

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Seriously people, if you plan on travelling for the holidays, now is the time to book your flight!

For more information and to see all the deals available, click HERE.

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