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Air Canada Just Had A Massive Information Breach That Affects Customers

The company's mobile app has put all 1.7 million user accounts on lockdown.
Air Canada Just Had A Massive Information Breach That Affects Customers

In this generation, using mobile apps to help you navigate everyday life is pretty essential. We have apps for everything. That's why it's no surprise that millions of people use an app to book flights and plan their travels. Air Canada has always been the go-to airline for most; their mobile app attracts almost two million users.

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So if an information breach were to happen, customers would pretty much be screwed, right? Well, it looks like quite a few of them are after personal information from people's accounts were improperly accessed through the Air Canada app.

The breach happened from August 22-24 and so far about 20,000 customers have had their personal information leaked. Until Air Canada gets to the bottom of everything the app is in official lockdown.

The airline recently sent an email out to all 1.7 million app users alerting them to the breach, explaining that until customers change their passwords the app will remain in lockdown mode. Information that could have been accessed include a user's name, address, phone number, email address, all passport information, Aeroplan number, Nexus number, and known traveller number. 

As for credit card information, the company promises that it would have been encrypted and ultimately protected by hacking. Luckily, Air Canada says they have not witnessed any improper activity in the last few days, but emails are still going out to the 20,000 that have been affected.

Maybe this will urge people to start booking flights in person? This massive breach will definitely leave some wary of using apps to store information in the future.


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