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Air Canada's Super Cheap Sale On Flights Ends Today

There's so many options!
Air Canada's Super Cheap Sale On Flights Ends Today

Every so often Air Canada goes and surprises us all with incredibly cheap air fare.

It's seriously the gift that keeps on giving, especially if you've been on the fence about booking a flight. Your best bet is to always hold out on buying a ticket until a deal is going on, since then you'll be getting the most bang for your buck.

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Plus, who doesn't love shaving a few dollar signs off a flight they were planning to take anyway?

The only dilemma is you can't always rely on there being a deal just around the corner. You really have to always be ready for a surprise seat sale, just like right now.

Today is the last day to get an amazing deal on multiple Air Canada one-way flights!

If you thought it couldn't get any better, these flights aren't limitied to the province or even to the country. You can actually use this sale to book your next vacation or dream getaway. 

A few of the most popular flights taking part in the surprise seat sale are:


  • Toronto to London from $136.00
  • Toronto to Moncton from $161.00
  • Toronto to Winnipeg from $198.00
  • Montreal to Halifax from $186.00
  • Montreal to Nanaimo from $285.00
  • Montreal to Saskatoon from $248.00
  • Vancouver to Calgary from $151.00
  • Vancouver to Ottawa from $269.00


  • Toronto to Chicago from $191.00
  • Toronto to New York (Newark) from $160.00
  • Toronto to Phoenix from $191.00
  • Montreal to New York (LaGuardia) from $176.00
  • Montreal to Orlando from $218.00
  • Vancouver to Las Vegas from $198.00
  • Vancouver to Palm Springs from $155.00

Sun Destinations:

  • Toronto to Bermuda from $226.00
  • Toronto to Nassau from $238.00
  • Montreal to Port-au-Prince from $307.00
  • Montreal to Aruba from $329.00
  • Vancouver to Puerto Vallarta from $331.00

With prices like this, there is seriously no reason why not to book your next flight right now. The surprise seat sale is officially over at the end of today, so there's no time to waste!


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