Airbnb Is Looking For A Few Lucky Canadians To Spend The Entire Summer In Italy For Free

Live like a local in one of the most breathtaking locations in the world.
Airbnb Is Looking For A Few Lucky Canadians To Spend The Entire Summer In Italy For Free

Imagine yourself travelling to a rustic little villa in southern Italy for the summer. Learning Italian and tending to your tomato garden by day, and making pasta by hand in the afternoon. By the evening you're sitting around a table with close friends, drinking a glass of wine. It seems like a dream, doesn't it?

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TL;DR Airbnb is giving away the excursion of a lifetime with their "Italian Sabbatical" initiative. You can travel to a small rustic village in Italy for three months as an Airbnb host while also being mentored by the locals. The experience is free. Read below for more information.

Well, it doesn't have to be just a dream. Seriously, this perfect scenario can be a reality this summer, thanks to Airbnb.

The home-sharing service has announced their "Italian Sabbatical" initiative that will take you and four other people to the tiny town of Grottole in southern Italy for three months during the summer. The best part is the entire excursion is absolutely free!

Grottole, Italy is a beautiful little village with just 300 residents. After identifying more than 600 homes abandoned in the historic town, a non-profit organisation called "Wonder Grottole" partnered with Airbnb to help restore tourism to the region.

Via The Italian Sabbatical

For this they're going to need some volunteers to become Airbnb hosts for the summer. That's where you come in.

Your entire stay, which would take place from June to August 2019, is entirely planned out for you. All you have to do is pack your bags and hop on a plane to the scenic village just waiting to be explored!

In Grottole, your day would begin over a nice Italian breakfast including, of course, only the best cappuccino you could imagine while you take your daily Italian language lesson. After class you'd meet with Andrea (one of your many Italian mentors) to tend to your garden and learn how to grow vegetables.

Your afternoon would be occupied by a cooking lesson with Rosa followed by an authentic Italian lunch together. After your meal, you could explore the countryside and all Grottole has to offer in a classic Italian Ape Piaggo car. 

Via The Italian Sabbatical

Via The Italian Sabbatical

Even though you'd probably never want to return from exploring the countryside, your evening would begin with a dinner surrounded by the other Airbnb hosts on the excursion as well as any other friends you've made during your stay. You'd watch the gorgeous sunset before heading off to bed, eager for the next day ahead.

Another perk of the "Italian Sabbatical" excursion is that you can either apply as a single person or as a couple, so there's no need to say goodbye to your partner for three months when you can take them on a romantic getaway to Italy with you!

Via The Italian Sabbatical

The deadline to send in your application to be considered for the experience of a lifetime is February 17, 2019 at 11:59pm Central European Time. There isn't much time left, so you're going to want to get started ASAP.

If all you can now dream about is setting course for Europe this summer to indulge in the most fairytale-like experience imagineable, you're not going to want to miss out on your opportunity to become an Airbnb host in Grottole, Italy!

Canadians except residents of Quebec are eligible.

For more information and to fill out your application, click HERE.

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