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Airbnb Rates In Montreal By City Borough

How much to charge, and how much you might get fined.
Airbnb Rates In Montreal By City Borough

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Airbnb has changed the face of travel, offering those of us who can't drop bills on bills every night for a hotel an affordable and comfortable place to stay. The trend of renting out rooms is abundant in Montreal, with nearly every borough offering room and board to weary travelers.

You set your own price when you put up a listing on Airbnb, and with hundreds of rooms offered on the daily, there is some stiff competition. To tourists, geographic location will play a large role in how much they're willing to pay, so it's a good idea to know the average price of your borough so you can charge accordingly, and not go too high or low.

Going through every listing can be a bit strenuous, so kudos goes to the Gazette who created an incredibly handy map that breaks down the boroughs of Montreal with their average room-rate on Airbnb. You can check out the map here, but we've got the basic breakdown for you below.

Note that the following figures are for single rooms, with the data compiled from the first week of July, so certain prices may have risen or lowered slightly. Boroughs left out did not have listings at the time.

  • Downtown: $53
  • Plateau Mont-Royal: $49
  • Ahunistic-Cartieriville: $54
  • CDN-NDG: $37
  • LaSalle: $50
  • Mercier-Hochelaga-Maissoneuve: $47
  • Outremont: $44
  • Pierrefonds-Roxboro: $40
  • Rosemont: $42
  • Saint-Leonard: $58
  • Sud-Ouest: $42
  • Verdun: $35
  • Villeray-St.Michel-Parc Extension: $39

Beware, though, if you are renting out a room, you could be subject to quite a few fines. As it stands right now, if you're renting out a room for less than 31 days, you're expected to get a $250 permit, pay a nightly host tax, and be covered by civil liability insurance.

If you don't have these fees in order, potential fines can cost you anywhere from $750 to $2, 250 for the first offence, according to the Gazette, which can reach up to $6,750 for future violations.

All these fines are coming from Tourism Quebec, who are hitting Airbnb hosts hard because of complaints from the Quebec hotel industry, who don't like the local competition. On the up side, an advisory committee is in the works to create a more amicable solution than just handing out fines (which Airbnb has collaborated on) but until they make a decision, the policy won't be changing.

It might be best to just get the government's approval if you're renting out your rooms frequently. If not, Airbnb at your own risk.

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