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Alberta Is Being Hit With 10cm Of Snow And Golf Ball Sized Hail (Video)

Oh, hail no!
Alberta Is Being Hit With 10cm Of Snow And Golf Ball Sized Hail (Video)

Alberta is really going through it this week. Yesterday they were dealing with a storm that had hail pelting down from the sky and intense rain that threatened flooding.

Now, today, Environment Canada has actually issued a Snowfall warning for some parts of the province, with other parts under a rainfall warning.

All of this just a couple days after the Government of Canada announced that Climate Change was officially a national emergency. If you weren't convinced, maybe now you will be.

Let me just start by reminding everyone that it is currently June 19th. I can't think of a more shocking weather warning than snow this close to July. My heart seriously goes out to people in Alberta today.

The snowfall warning is in effect for the following areas in Alberta:

  • Jasper National Park near and south of Sunwapta Falls
  • Jasper National Park near Jasper
  • Jasper National Park near Pocahontas

According to Environment Canada, the areas mentioned above can expect up to 10 cm of snow today. 

In addition to the snow, Alberta was also dealing with an intense rainstorm yesterday that quickly evolved into a hailstorm.

The hailstorm was considered "severe" due to the size of the hail that was comparable to a nickel in most areas, but reached golf ball size in other areas, particularly now that the storm has started to move east into Saskatchewan.

Can you imagine getting stuck outside and getting pelted with little ice-balls that size?! Again, my heart goes out to you, Alberta, that is some terrible weather, of which I would not wish upon my worst enemy.

The hailstorm has now started to travel east into Saskatchewan where the hail has started to grow in size. 

Like I mentioned above, if this crazy weather doesn't indicate something serious going on, climate-wise, I will eat a sock.

Hopefully, now that the government has named it a real emergency, we can start to see some changes that will help soothe our angry, angry Mother Nature. 

To read the Environment of Canada snowfall warning, head to their page here.

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