ALERT: This Man Is Allegedly Tricking Young Women Into Showing Their Bodies For Fame In Montreal

Be careful about who you trust.
ALERT: This Man Is Allegedly Tricking Young Women Into Showing Their Bodies For Fame In Montreal

A lot of girls on the Internet leave their email addresses inside Instagram's bio sections "for work purposes only". Well, these girls get bombarder with messages from random people every day. Some of these emails are harmless, others are borderline acceptable.

A young professional model from a reputable Montreal agency - who prefers to stay anonymous - wants to share her Internet stalker story with our readers today in hopes of helping other girls who get similar tempting requests. For convenience purposes, I'm going to name this incident's victim Julie.

She receives an email asking to set up a Skype meeting:

Overall, Julie figures that this email looks somewhat legitimate. However, she notices the fact that Matthew's email address is a regular gmail account and NOT a professional agency email. First red flag! Julie gets in touch with her modelling agency right away. Together, they decide to reply and see what this man is all about.

That's when another red flag appears. The mysterious man refuses to talk to Julie's agent and says that their Skype meeting has to be one-on-one, no agents or bookers allowed. Julie's agent and her still agree to a Skype meeting, out of pure curiosity at this point.

During the actual "meeting", Matthew says that his microphone doesn't work and that he prefers to communicate via messages. Julie points out that he takes a particularly long time to write each sentence. "He couldn't even speak English and [it felt like] he was [using] Google translate. [...]"

During the interview, Matthew quickly asks Julie to change into a bathing suit and do a runway walk for him. Typically, this is a standard procedure during model castings. Before turning off the camera to change into her bathing suit, Julie takes a screen shot of the man. He notices it, gets upset and wraps up the "interview".

Luckily, this particular case has a non lethal end. However, at some point during the interview, Matthew did mention to Julie, that, if all goes well, they will have a dinner meeting at a reputable Montreal restaurant in the Old Port area. Now that could have potentially been dangerous.

Please, be careful who you trust on the Internet. It's not a friendly place.

Unfortunately, we cannot reveal this man's face. However, if he has also reached out to you, send your story to and we'll add it to the article.

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