Alien Technology May Be Floating In Our Solar System

Object from beyond solar system may be artificial.
Alien Technology May Be Floating In Our Solar System

Researchers with the Breakthrough Listen Initiative, a $100 million project backed by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, said that they would begin probing an object that's floated into our solar system from outside for alien technology.

The object, Oumuamua, was discovered by astronomers at the University of Hawaii in October this year.

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It has intrigued astronomers due to its unusual shape, speed, and behaviour.

Being rocky and metallic, it lacks the characteristics of a comet.

The manner in which it circles the sun has been described as being similar to 'water swirling around a basin'.

Furthermore, it has a strange shape. Most asteroids this size are spherical. 

Finally, it has a speed of 196,000 mph.

All these factors distinguish this extra-solar visitor from the various asteroids, comets, and meteorites that are already in our solar system.

As a result, scientists are willing to entertain the possibility that the object may be artificial, and could possibly contain remote technology.

The Breakthrough Listen initiative will begin its examination of the object on Wednesday. 

For this purpose, it will use a telescope that's nestled within the hills of the Green Bank Observatory of West Virginia.