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"All-Day Breakfast" At McDonald's Now Available In Montreal

Hash browns & egg McMuffins 24 hours a day, yay!!!
"All-Day Breakfast" At McDonald's Now Available In Montreal

I don't know what a warm, hot, delicious breakfast from McDonald's means for you, friend, but to me, it means happiness.

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The one flaw with treating yourself to a scrumptious hash brown and McMuffin combo, though? The fact that you have to get yourself to a McDonald's location before 11:00.

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Which is a tad inconvenient for those of us with morning shifts, not near a McDonald's, or legit too lazy to get ourselves there.

Well, not so anymore, friends.

One McDonald's location on Saint-Charles (3882 Boulevard Saint-Charles) now offers breakfast all. The. Time.

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So if you're feeling like a Sausage McMuffin at 11:30 AM? Go for it.

If your hash brown crave strikes at 7:00 PM? No worries.

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Whenever you want a McDonald's breakfast, you got it... as long as you're at the McDonald's on Saint-Charles in Montreal's West Island, which also happens to be open all day and all night.

Happy 24/7 breakfasting, friends. Happy 24/7 breakfasting indeed.

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