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All-Inclusive Apartments Available In The Heart Of Montreal This Summer

If you’ve ever lived on your own, then you know how difficult it can be to find the perfect place to call home. Even more as a student because you’re running on limited funds and the cost of living can add up when you realize you need all new furniture, (and to set up and pay for all your bills separately including hydro, water, cable, internet, a gym membership, etc).

I know that struggle all too well, trust me, I lived it. Even during the summer when I was away visiting my friends for an entire month - while I must admit I have some pretty amazing friends who would let me crash on their couch, it would have been nice to find a place all for myself.

Well guys, I just discovered a private student residence called Parc Cité that operates 365 days a year who not only cater to students but to the public as well.

From September to April, Parc Cité offers housing to students attending college/university in Montreal. No more 12-month leases that are an absolute pain in the butt during the summer, especially if you’re an international student, away traveling or going back home. So what’s the best part about this? All units are fully furnished and all-inclusive. No more expensive trips to Ikea or West Elm!

And from May to August, they open their doors to the public and they offer shorter term stays - anywhere from 1 month to 4 months. This is perfect for anyone who’s thinking of visiting Montreal for the summer but doesn’t want to pay for a pricey hotel, especially during festival weekends where they hike up the prices.

With so many cool events happening in the city like Grand Prix, Just For Laughs, MuralFest, JazzFest, Osheaga, Pride, Montreal’s international fireworks competition and more, it's no wonder that Montreal is THE place to be in the summer. But get this, for the same price you’d pay for a hotel for a weekend, you can come and go as you please for a whole month!

You can choose either a single room or a double room if you're thinking of moving in with your bestie or looking to save a bit more cash and would like to be matched with a roommate! Hey, I lived with my best friend for 4 years and it was a blast and a half.

Living at Parc Cité is an absolute dream. Not only do they offer affordable and trendy accommodations, but they also have some pretty cool common spaces like brain rooms (no more crowded libraries), a social lounge with a pool table and a foosball table so you can hang out with your friends, a fitness center that's open 24/7, a convivial kitchen on every floor, and finally, a laundry lounge stocked with machines that actually let YOU know when your laundry is done (seriously, where was this when I was in University?). The entire building is also decorated with some epic street art to showcase the vibrant, multi-cultural, creative city that is Montreal.

That’s not all. Parc Cité also offers some pretty amazing perks like discounts to surrounding restos and cafés (who doesn’t love a discounted matcha? Am I right?), wine and cheese jazz nights (it’s wine o’clock every damn day), and themed parties that are CATERED by Chef on Call (the best parties are the ones with food, duh). Basically, they want to try and make you feel as comfortable as possible in your home away from home. 

Let’s face it guys. Apartment hunting can be incredibly painful and time-consuming. This is the best solution to every student’s problem and for those who are planning to visit Montreal during the summer!

Whether you’re a student in need of a home, or a traveler looking to explore what Montreal has to offer this summer, look no further. 

And because Parc Cité so awesome, if you lease with them and mention this MTL Blog article, you'll receive a sweet prize!

Visit their website for more information on the rooms available and visit them on Instagram and Facebook to see all of the fun that goes down at Parc Cité.