All Montreal Taxi Drivers Are Being Forced To Accept Debit/Credit Cards By October 2015

We never thought the day would ever actually come, but it's FINALLY here. As of October 15 2015 all taxis in Montreal must accept credit and debit card payment from their customers. Montreal is the first city in Quebec to force its taxis to offer card payment options - who knew Montreal could be the first to get anything done?

Every driver that holds a taxi license will only be able to operate their cab if it's equipped with an electronic payment system in good working condition AND the driver cannot refuse a client because they want to use this payment method, which is amazing because so many cabs that already have the equipment refuse to use it.

All taxi drivers have eight weeks to comply before they'll be subject to regulatory force. While I can't see this giving them a huge competitive advantage over other companies like Uber (unless they also lower their prices and develop an app) it's definitely a step in the right direction.


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