All Montreal Taxis Are Being Forced To Accept Debit/Credit Cards Starting TODAY

I don't normally plan on taking taxis, I usually only take them impulsively. It's late, I'm walking home, a cab drives by and I think to myself: "I'm lazy, why not?" So I'll hail a cab and ask if they take debit cards. Of course the answer is no. So I keep walking until I spot another cab who also doesn't take cards. And at that point I get tired of trying and I just walk the rest of the way home.

Well all that is about to change because as of today, all taxis in Montreal are obligated to accept debit cards. The law states that starting Oct. 15th, "drivers must accept electronic payment and cannot refuse a client who asks to use that mode of payment."

This is great news for two reasons. One, you won't need to worry about having enough cash for a cab ever again. And two, you know those taxi drivers will be offering lower "flat-fee" rides for cash only. (Something I've been offered on my last 4 cab rides)

Today is a good day.