All Montreal Taxis To Get Cameras To Record You?

The Bureau du taxi de Montréal wants to see what you're up to in the back seat.
All Montreal Taxis To Get Cameras To Record You?

Photo cred - Peg Julep

Montreal's taxi office (the BTM) wants all of the city's cabs to have mandatory cameras installed to record passengers, as proposed Tuesday night during public meeting on the safety of Montreal's cab drivers.

Cameras in cabs are meant to ensure the safety of taxi drivers, but is also a strange invasion of privacy for all Montrealers.

One major concern is who the hell is going to monitor these cameras, and make sure all recorded images aren't being used for personal use...if you catch my drift.

The BTM believes a collaboration with the SPVM is necessary to make sure all data is kept confidential, which makes a lot of sense, only the SPVM isn't exactly inclined to take responsibility for the project.

Claude Bussière, Deputy Director SPVM, firmly stated that the police are only meant to get involved when a crime is committed, and the SPVM can't be expected to manage all of the incoming information from cabbie-recordings 24/7.

Montreal's cab drivers are technically already allowed to have a surveillance camera installed in their car, but a city-wide mandate would make things drastically different.

Say goodbye to any hopes of ditching a cab, or slyly changing your shirt (or drinking) in the back seat if this proposal eventually goes through. Big brother (or taxi) will be watching.

Do cameras in cabs make sense?

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