All-New "100 Quebec-Made Beers" Bar Opens Its Doors This November 2014

Drink the nectar of Quebec microbreweries.

Eating locally has become super popular/environmentally trendy, but what about drinking locally? Shouldn't the same emphasis be placed on drinking (we mean alcohol) locally created beverages. Balthazar, a new bar in Brossard's Quartier Dix30, will help you be an environmentally conscious drinker, offering 100 different kinds of Quebec-made beer for you to consume while leaving a smaller ecological footprint.

The fourth restaurant of its kind, Balthazar is set to open in late November/early December and plans to boast 100 beers from 22 Quebec microbreweries, 50 beers on tap and 50 varieties of bottled beers. All food offered will also be tailored to the beers, with dishes meant to compliment the many Quebec-made beers.

Other than the long list of beers made in the province, Le Balthazar in Dx30 will also have a huge terrasse (to be enjoyed next year) and live bands Thursdays through Sundays.

Nothing says provincial pride like getting tipsy off of Quebec craft beers, so be sure to check out Le Balthazar when it opens in a couple months. Keep updated on the beer list and opening date by heading to the Facebook page and official website here.

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