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All-New App Now Offers Up To 75% Off At Restaurants In Montreal For Students

Discounts on discounts on discounts in real time!
All-New App Now Offers Up To 75% Off At Restaurants In Montreal For Students

There is one universal struggle that students know very well... being broke all year round. We've all been there, too scared to check our bank accounts out of fear of what number we're going to see. Now, I don't know about you guys, but I find that most of my money goes towards food outings with friends! I'm serious... I spend WAY too much on food. Especially at school when I have so many delicious restaurants taunting me all day.

Well, I've got just the fix for you.

There's a cool new startup that has teamed up with Universities all around Montreal so you can enjoy great meals at a great value, no matter which campus you spend your days at.

  • Concordia Students - you’ll want to download the Casa Deals app.
  • UQAM students - get deals and recommendations with Lunch AEESG.
  • As for those who are in the Griffintown sector at ETS - download AÉÉTS FOOD.
  • Not to worry, if you’re from McGill or UDEM, you can use the Spinyt app to access your campus' sales. Available for Android and iOS.

So how is this even possible? Well, restaurants around each campus will notify each app when they have empty seats. Now, in order to fill these empty seats, they will have to create a temporary discount for students! Think of it like the stock market... real time discounts based on demand. Pretty cool huh?

Those frustrating decision-making days are over. Say goodbye to the age-old question of “where do you want to eat?” and leave it up to these apps to make the tough decision for you.

So what are you waiting for? Download the app for your Campus sector (Concordia, UQAM, ÉTS, McGill (android) and UDEM (android)) and discover new restaurants while making smart decisions for your budget. It’s a win-win situation. Visit Spinytfor more information.