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Why You Will Still Never Get To Ride An AZUR Train On The STM Metro Network

The answer is simple, and worrying.
Why You Will Still Never Get To Ride An AZUR Train On The STM Metro Network

It's been 100 days since the first AZUR metro train hit the tracks of the Orange Line on February 8th, much to the joy of Montrealers.

But ever since the AZUR rolled out, only a select number of STM riders have had the pleasure of actually riding through the metro network on the cutting-edge train. It's basically a small miracle if an AZUR pulls up to your stop, as the likelihood of catching one is pretty small.

Why? Simply because there is only one, yes one AZUR on the metro, which has left Montrealers asking: where are the rest?

Originally, only 61 days were supposed to pass, with the original AZUR experiencing no technical issues, for the next AZUR to be introduced onto the metro network. We're well beyond that point, and so Global News decided to find out what the delay is all about.

Contacting the public transit company, an STM spokesperson told Global News that the tests for the second train were ongoing, and everything was going well. No comment was made as to whether there were any service-problems with the original train (thus justifying the delay) nor was a date given when the second train would be introduced.

So basically, no one has any idea when the next AZUR is going to hit the tracks. And with only one train on the tracks, and only being sent out at certain times, the likelihood of you ever even getting to ride an AZUR is incredibly slim and will continue to be.

The thing is, the ongoing delay of bringing the AZUR trains to replace the older MR-63 trains is actually costing all of us money.

Quebec's director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation went on the record to say the situation is "incredibly worrying," since the cost to maintain the old metro trains is coming from the pockets of taxpayers.

So the longer it takes the STM to bring out the AZURs, the more we're paying for it.

As it stands, all metro trains on the Orange Line should be AZURs by September 2018. Hopefully that date stays the same, because the longer the new trains are delayed, the more expensive it gets for all us average citizens.

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