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All-New Bar On Montreal's Boulevard Saint-Laurent Serves Beer For $1.50

Alright, I'm going to be upfront with you guys: I enjoy drinking. I do it responsibly, and I'm an adult, so as long as you fit these two criteria and you like drinking, too, then it's all good in my book.

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But if you, like me, find that going out for drinks can get a little bit expensive... well, friends, have I got great news for you.

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A brand new bar recently opened up in Montreal that just might solve that little (huge?) problem.

La P'Tite Grenouille (3435 Boul St-Laurent) is a dive bar situated on Montreal's St. Laurent Boulevard.

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They happen to have some pretty awesome drink specials, like $5 mason jars on Fridays, shot deals, and a whole lot more.

But one of their best drink deals? On Wednesday nights, you can get a mugs of beer for $1.50 each.

via @laptitegrenouillemtl

Yeah, guys, you read that right: $1.50 per beer buck.

This is glorious. This is a dream come true. I am literally without speech; if it wasn't weird to weep freely about alcohol prices, I'd be crying tears of joy so hard right now.

via @laptitegrenouillemtl

Sounds like your dream come true, too? Then check out La P'Tite Grenouille's Facebook page for more information.

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