All-New Canadian Airline Launching Next Month With "Low-Cost" $89 Flights

It's about damn time.
All-New Canadian Airline Launching Next Month With "Low-Cost" $89 Flights

Flights within Canada offered by Canadian airlines are far from cheap, and it makes no sense. I mean, if we're traveling within the country, why should we be forking over hundreds of dollars?

Thankfully, a new airline is flying out onto the scene on February 12th that seeks to end all of our budget woes by offering truly affordable flights to major Canadian cities: NewLeaf Travel.

Positioning itself as the low-cost, thrifty airline that gets you where you need to be without any added frills, NewLeaf promises "completely unbundled" flight costs. All that means is you're paying solely for your seat and seatbelt, and nothing else.

Not having an in-flight meal or drink seems to be pretty damn worth it, too, as NewLeaf is promising in-Canada flights starting at $89, far below other Canadian airline competitors.

There are a couple minor snags, because nothing is as good as it seems. For one, NewLeaf charges passengers for carry-ons, because apparently that messes with the boarding time. Checked baggage doesn't incur a cost, though, neither does a small "personal item," like a purse.

NewLeaf does offer some customization to your trip, for folks who want to up the class a bit. Drinks and snacks are available for an extra charge, as is a sudden change/postponement in your reservation, which will only cost you $20. Not a bad price to pay if something comes up and you can't fly.

The only other downside is that NewLeaf won't be heading to major airports, mainly because they "want to spread the love to Canada’s smaller airports because of their laid back atmosphere, cheaper parking and awesome baggage handling." All that, and the lower fees that in turn saves you $$$.

But the only thing that really irks us, is the fact that NewLeaf won't be flying to or from Montreal. Hopefully NewLeaf smartens up and changes that fact.

You can check out where NewLeaf flies in the image below, or you know, just see for yourself at their website.

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