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All-New Germ Fighting Scarf To Wear While Riding The STM

Avoid getting sick in Montreal all while being stylish.
All-New Germ Fighting Scarf To Wear While Riding The STM

Photo cred - Vannara

Oh that wonderful place…Ye old germ infested STM, where we are drawn together on a daily basis with our fellow commuters and the plethora of tiny sinus stalkers that come along for the ride.

Toronto fashion designer Adrian Wu has come to save the day with a  functional and fashionable alternative to avoid STM sickeness. Combo that with our tips on how to avoid getting sick during the winter and you'll be infection-free.

Wu has designed the world's first antibacterial scarf specifically designed for public transit. Adrianian Canadian scarves are made of a cotton/synthetic material coated with an antimicrobial agent meant to repel the bacteria, mold, and viruses that would normally penetrate a piece of fabric.

These wondrous creations come in two styles - a simple loop scarf for $48 and a double-size zippered model for $84 - and three different colours, available now for pre-order on the brand's website. See them both styles below.

Wu’s new apparel is definitely worth the investment unless you plan on fighting off the germs of the public transit à-la Seinfeld’s bubble boy style.

Will you wear these scarves on the STM?

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