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All-New Montreal Website Lets Students Easily Swap Their Old Textbooks And Make Cash has changed the used book game.
All-New Montreal Website Lets Students Easily Swap Their Old Textbooks And Make Cash

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Books are crazy expensive for university students. Well beyond anything a consumer may encounter at Chapters, students fork out hundreds (if not thousands) on books every single year, and they need to, because if you don't have the book, you're going to be lost in (and likely fail) the class.

Even buying used books can be incredibly expensive, as university bookstores have a monopoly on the book-game, one that really screws over students.

University bookstores buy back used books from students at a fraction of the original price, sell them to other students for more, and have an incredibly limited quality of second-hand books anyway, forcing most students to buy brand new.

Enter, a Montreal-made site designed to help students buy and sell used books to each other, allowing students to actually make or save some money.

Created by JSMB graduate Gabrielle Jaques, the book-selling site was created in direct response to the way university bookstores buy and sell used books. Jaques notoed in a CTV interview how she had purchased $280 textbooks, which were kept in near-mint condition, only to be bought back by the U-bookstore for $18.

With a very simple interface, SwapMyBooks lets students find the books they need with a single search, using the book's title, author, or ISBN number. Student-created posting are then listed, allowing you to buy (or sell) a book directly to another student, at prices set between the buyer and seller.

Save some cash this school year and get some used books for your program. Buying/selling books is the most hot during the first week of the semester, so get at it while the getting is good and head over to

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