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All-New Restaurant Near Montreal Where Everything Is Under $7

Fine dining on any budget.
All-New Restaurant Near Montreal Where Everything Is Under $7

If you're a student on a budget or just trying to save some extra cash, finding a restaurant that is equally as impressive as it is cost-friendly can be quite a challenge.

Maybe you just met a special someone and you want to impress them with a great spot on your next date, or you want to treat your BFF to a celebratory dinner in honour of their new promotion without breaking the bank. Whatever your reasoning, this is the restaurant you've been searching for.

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Pub La Chienne à Jacques is opening TONIGHT, near Montreal, and EVERYTHING is under $7!

via @pubchienneajacques

You heard right. All of their food is under $7 and it looks delicious. Seriously, you're going to get hungry just looking at these photos. They even offer vegetarian options so that everyone can enjoy.

The party doesn't stop there, they also serve beer and house cocktails to quench your thirst. Leave the kids at home, this spot is 18+.

via @pubchienneajacques

via @pubchienneajacques

The food isn't the only thing to look forward too. The aesthetic of this place looks unreal. Their contemporary decor mixed with a sleek metallic colour scheme is the perfect combination of industrial and modern.

They even have a fireplace as a table. What more can I say?

via @pubchienneajacques

Shall I mention once more that the grand opening is TONIGHT.  You could be one of the first people ever to step foot into one of the hottest new spots near Montreal.

So, grab some friends and head over to Pub La Chienne à Jacques. You won't want to miss it!

Where: 625 Boulevard Curé-Labelle

Check out their Facebook.

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