All-New Sushi Restaurant On Montreal's Saint-Laurent Street Sells A "Sushi Burrito"

Sayuri Sushi Boutique is oh so unique.
All-New Sushi Restaurant On Montreal's Saint-Laurent Street Sells A "Sushi Burrito"

Photo cred - Sayuri Boutique

Sushi is an amazing anytime-meal that has only one fatal flaw: a lack of mobility. You can't really eat a set of six rolls on the go while walking down the street, or even on the metro. Your soya sauce would go everywhere. What the world needs is a more portable form of sushi, but how? Montreal's newest sushi shop, Sayuri Sushi Boutique on The Main, has the answer: the sushi burrito.

Sayuri Sushi Boutique just started doling out the rolls and sashimi this Wednesday on 3652 St. Laurent (map), and while all of their sushi-offerings look damn fine, we're most jazzed about this Japanese-Mexican hybrid of a dish. I mean, who doesn't like a solid burrito?

More of a beefed up hand roll than anything actually Mexican, the sushi burrito doesn't mix cheese, guac, and salsa with raw fish, thankfully. A seaweed wrapper acts as the tortilla, with a variety of sushi-stuffings on the inside, with the whole thing paired with a special sauce, because even in burrito form, sushi needs to be dipped. Sayuri's sushi burrito comes in 5 different flavours, check 'em below.

  • Sumo: Shrimp tempura, crabstick, red cabbage, coconut, cucumber, avocado, tempura w/spicy mayo
  • Silky Smooth: Oven baked maple miso glazed Salmon, namasu cucumber, lettuce, asparagus, avocado, tempura, sesame w/wasabi mayo
  • Sunrise: Salmon, cucumber, green onions, red cabbage, namasu red radish, tempura, sesame, red tobiko w/spicy mayo
  • Yummy Belly: Tuna, cucumber, red cabbage, namasu red onion, green onions, masago, tempura w/spicy mayo
  • Buddha Buddha: Spicy Japanese eggplant, Portobello mushroom, tofu, carrot, avocado, kale, lettuce w/ roasted garlic tofu mayo

To get your hungry hands on a sushi burrito, head to Sayuri Sushi Boutique 3652 St. Laurent, open every day of the week. Find the operating hours below, and be sure to head over to Sayuri's Facebook page, Instagram accountofficial website for more succulent sushi.

Sayuri Sushi Boutique's hours of operation:

  • M-F: 11am-9pm
  • Sat: 12pm-9pm
  • Sun: 3pm-9pm
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