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All-New Tinder For Marijuana Smokers App Being Developed

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Cannabis-centric entrepreneurs are getting the chance of an active stoner's lifetime, as a startup/concept competition all about creating the next marijuana technology breakthrough is going down in September. Put on by weed startups MassRoots and CannaBuild in Denver, the weekend-long event will basically be like Dragon's Den, just for bud, and it already has some pretty sweet ideas in the works.

Just like Dragons' Den, competitors for the Marijuana Tech Startup Competition will have a couple of minutes to explain their idea to a panel of judges and investors, who will go on to choose the 5 best. Competitors will then have a weekend to develop their product and then perform a final 10 minute presentation, in hopes of winning the $2, 500 top prize.

Isaac Dietrich, CEO of MassRoots spoke with Fast Company about the competition, and gave a preview on some of the pitches already presented. Read 'em below and see if you'd invest.

  • Tinder for weed, where you're matched with smoking buddies on the fly
  • An advertisement network for marijuana
  • An app to constantly update users on the ongoing movement for cannabis legalization
  • An app to place your weed-order ahead of time at dispensaries, to cut down on wait times
  • A new type of cryptocurrency to bypass banking issues present in the weed biz

Of all of them, the Tinder-weed app seems like the most fun. But what about an app to instantly pair the weed your smoking with the perfect food to satisfy your munchies? Or an app that allows you to weigh out your weed on your smartphone screen so you never get ripped off by a dealer? Just some thoughts, if Dragon's Den ever has a special cannabis edition in Canada for reals.

Want to attend or think you have what it takes to beat out Tinder for weed? Head over to the Marijuana Tech Startup event page and learn how you can go and participate.

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