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All Of Meghan Markle's Most Iconic Looks From The Royal Tour

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All Of Meghan Markle's Most Iconic Looks From The Royal Tour

A little number round-up just to show you exactly how intense royal tours really are: over the past 2 weeks Meghan and Harry attended 76 engagments.

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TL;DR There are the 9 most memorable looks from Meghan and Harry's royal tour in Oceania.

They've done everything from ultra-formal dinners with fellow royalty, to casual walks on a family farm, and everything in between. That's an average of 5 engagements per day – and you thought you had a busy social calendar.

Of course, Meghan must look polished and appropriately dressed for each of these five daily events, so she averaged about 2.5 outfits per day for a total of about 40 different looks over the course of the 2-week tour. 

With casual flowing beach dresses and thousand-dollar lavish evening gowns, Meghan got to live the life of a princess and wear it all. Here are some of the most memorable looks form the tour.

1. Looking farm chic and casual in Dubbo

Via whatmeghanwore

Early in the tour, Meghan and Harry paid a visit to Dubbo, Australia, where they joined a family of farmers to shovel hay into cattles' mouths like common folk. At least Meghan looked the part, sporting jeans from a Australian brand Outlander, a Maison Kitsune shirt, J. Crew boots. This was also the visit that gave us the iconic umbrella picture, which captured Meghan gracefully shielding her prince from the rain while he gave a speech.

2. $800 dress with a pasta necklace in Melbourne

Via whatmeghanwore

Meghan stepped off her private plane in Melbourne donning a stunning assymetric navy blue dress by Australian designer Dion Lee and oversized trench coat by Martin Grant. They pair quite nicely with a pasta necklace, don't you think? Meghan actually received the necklace from one of her adoring fans. So very cute.

3. Super affordable polka dot dress 

Via whatmeghanwore

This look is not typical for royalty, and that's what makes it so memorable. This look came about during about half way through the Royal tour when Meghan was allegedly feeling tired and worn down. So like a real human, she swapped out her movement-restricting sheath dresses and 5-inch stiletto heels for an effortless and comfortable cotton shirt dress. She looked perfect.

4. Exposing the baby bump in a contemporary gown 

When these photos came out the whole world went into a frenzy. First of all, Meghan looked like a vision in this contemporary floor-length gown by designer SAFiYAA. She also wore more diamonds than you may ever see in your lifetime. But most importantly, this blue dress perfectly highlighted her blooming belly, and it's the first time the world caught a glimpse of Meghan pregnant and glowing like a real mom-to-be.

5. Island energy in Fiji with floral dress and romantic updo 

This gorgeous floral silk dress by Figue paired very nicely with her husband's blue Hawaiian shirt. The couple arrived in Fiji and all of a sudden didn't look like the royals we know. They looked like a normal couple on a beach holiday. Although Meghan wore several lovely beach dresses during her visit to Fiji, this one takes the cake. The elegant updo really pulls the whole thing together.

6. Vibrant blue shirt dress in Tonga

As per royal protocol, Meghan is often seen wearing pale, neutral, or muted colours like cream, navy, and olive green. But when Meghan wears colour, I swear, she looks like a different person. And although this look wasn't one of the most well documented of the tour, it deserves a place on this list because Meghan is glowing.

7. Super extravagant Oscar De La Renta gown

These are the types of looks that make the press so wild. Because sadly, the average person only gets to dream of wearing something like this. There's an aspirational quality to these outfits that draws public attention. Nonetheless, Meghan looked stunning and glamorous in this flocked tulle Oscar De La Renta gown. A gown like this usually goes for a cool $8,000 USD.

8. Borederline sexy white tuxedo dress 

Via whatmeghanwore

Let's face it, Meghan has fantastic legs and she'll probably look sexy in a potato sack. But she looked extra fabulous in this white tuxedo dress by Maggie Marilyn. This look is extra memorable because while many of Meghan's dresses are very conservative, featuring long hemlines and high necklines. This 90's-style tuxedo dress is so young and fresh.

9. Looking practical and happy in the forest

@kensingtonroyalembedded via

Only Meghan can wear a simple navy puffer coat and still look cute. This is obviously not the most fashionable or glamorous look, but Meghan got a lot of attention for it because she looks so comfortable, happy, and, ultimately, relatable. She wore this on one of the last weeks of the Royal tour in New Zealand on a treewalk she took with Harry.

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