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All Of Montreal's Forbidden Areas Mapped

Discover parts of the city you didn't know.
All Of Montreal's Forbidden Areas Mapped

There are parts of the city you never see. Areas of Montreal you only know to go to if you know about them already. Kind of a catch-22, so how are you supposed to find these seedy Montreal gems?

That's the premise of CTV Montreal's newest series "Forbidden Montreal," where Annie DeMelt goes through all over Montreal to dozens of secret locations and letting you know what's awesome about them.

Here's a rundown of what they'll be checking out:

  • Behind the Biodome
  • Secrets of La Fontaine Tunnel
  • Behind La Ronde
  • Under the Jaques Cartier Bridge
  • Secrets of the Pierre Eliot Trudeau International Airport
  • Secrets of the Bell Centre
  • Inside Old Port's Tower
  • Vault Inside Museum of Fine Arts
  • Climbing Mount Royal Cross
  • Royal Vic's Secret Storage
  • The Former Courthouse & Dungeon
  • Inside Molson Brewery

See them all mapped out on the Forbidden Montreal Map.

Got your own secret spot? Let CTV know and they might cover your suggestion in the next segment.

Now go get exploring Forbidden Montreal.

Do you know a forbidden part of Montreal?

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