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All Of The Free Events At Montreal's MURAL Fest 2018

...and some cheap ones, too!
All Of The Free Events At Montreal's MURAL Fest 2018

As I've said before, Montreal is home to amazing performers and artists from all walks of entertainment and creativity. This city is easily the most eclectic population of artists in Canada.

All you need to do is take a little stroll through, basically, any one of Montreal's boroughs and you can see visual treats in our street graffiti, and of course our iconic Murals.

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Montreal's iconic Murals often change every year, and that is in part thanks to MURAL Fest which goes down at the tail end of the spring season, annually.

It's a massive block party in between the Plateau and downtown core, and artists from all over the world come into Montreal to put forth their next great masterpiece - which then sticks around for our pleasure until the festival returns to change it all again.

New and classic Mural Fest events will return to the festival in 2018, most of which are entirely free and some that might cost you, but only a small amount!

Here are some of the cool events announced for MURAL Fest 2018:

1. MURAL Fest's Opening Concert - June 7

Via Mural Fest

While the official musical guests have yet to be announced, this one is obviously worth mentioning. In years prior, they have had some big names in Hip-Hop like Post Malone and ScHoolboy Q. Other musical guests like Kardinal Official have also been at MURAL Fest in the past.

The opening show will be on June 7th this year. I will keep a watch on updates for you guys.

2. The Enchanted Forest, by Lululemon - June 7 - 17


Presented by Lululemon, and running all festival-long, The Enchanted Forest will see an immersive sculpture who resonates with environmental issues and the potential of our evolving humanity.

There will be yoga, workshops, music and more fun stuff to be announced soon.

3. FOOL's GOLD x MURAL Block Party - June 9th


Presented by Hennessy Artistry,  FOOL’S GOLD x MURAL Block Party returns and is a fan-favourite at MURAL Fest, every year.

This event is always free, with better viewing options and dedicated bar zones for those who want to purchase a VIP Pass. The lineup will be announced as we approach the festival in June.

4. Grill St. Laurent - June 13th & 14th


Grill St. Laurent goes down right in the middle of MURAL Fest week. The event is free to walk through but will cost you a bit to enjoy and eat some of the amazing cuisines to be available.

10 restaurants all participate, and all dishes are only $5!

5. Redbull Canvas Cooler - June 14


Here's one for all your aspiring artists. MURAL and Red Bull have teamed up to bring together 10 up-and-comers, all with different art styles, to make over their coveted "Red Bull Mini Fridge."

Watch some of Montreal's new artists do their thing live, June 14.

6. Obey Giant: The Art and Dissent of Shepard Fairy - June 14


A free film screening of the 2017 filmObey Giant can be seen in Portugal Park. The film takes an in-depth look at the world of street art and the rise of artist Shepard Fairy.

7. ÎleSoniq Block Party - June 16

Via MuralFestival

Another fan-favourite, the block party presented by ÎleSoniq. One of the hottest shows that goes down during MURAL Fest, and a little taste of what the leading EDM festival crew will have in store for you come August.

BONUS - Guided Tours of Murals


Bonus because it is not technically free. Guided tours have been offered at MURAL Fest since 2013, and for those who want the inside scoop on the Murals we've come to love, appreciate and expect from Montreal - this one's for you.

Children under 12 are free. Tickets are $25.

BONUS - Cambiamento by Ricardo Cavolo - May 31


This one is a bonus because it is not technically part of MURAL Fest... but it is part of their programming.

Cambiamento is an exhibition and solo-show by artist Ricard Cavolo where the flags of a progressive and revolutionary ideology are collected, the change that today’s society needs.

That's it for now, but if you're craving more MURAL Fest information, then follow their Facebook page and check out their website.

I will be back with more MURAL Fest 2018 announcements as they come!

Photo credits:Gaspard Nahmias

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