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All Of The Times Quebec Has Been Ranked As "The #1 Worst" In Canada

Breaking records for all the wrong reasons.
All Of The Times Quebec Has Been Ranked As "The #1 Worst" In Canada

Quebec is known as the best for many different reasons, examples are the one-of-a-kind biggest outdoor labyrinth that happens to be in the province, and for extraordinary feats like being the best province to spot a UFO. We definitely come out on top for a unique place to be.

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But there are some things that we're known for that shouldn't really be bragged about. Quebec actually makes it to the top (or bottom) of official lists that aren't good publicity whatsoever. In the end there are both pros and cons to the province and what makes it so special, but no doubt it's pretty interesting to see what Quebec is known as being horrible for.

1. Worst Place to Live

Yes, it's true. In 2017 Montreal was ranked as the worst place to live in Canada. Out of all 417 cities in the country, we somehow found a way to scare everyone off.

Bonus: Montreal actually didn't rank within the top ten best places to live in Quebec either. Now that stings!

2. The Worst ER Waiting Times

Wherever you live, having to go to the hospital typically means hours on end waiting to finally see a doctor. Once again, Quebec takes the cake by coming out as #1 in the world for the worst/longest ER wait times. You might want to bring a book with you on your next doctor visit.

3. The Worst Winters

Last year Canadian provinces were ranked by how horrible their Winters are and you can probably already guess how well our province did. Quebec was ranked sixth in having the worst Winters in all of Canada. This probably doesn't come as too much of a surprise because, let's face it, Winters here are literally an icy hell.

 4. The Worst Traffic

With the construction holiday just coming to a close last weekend, you're in no position to argue this one. A study was done to rank Canada's worst cities for spending hours in traffic, and Montreal came in first place. With an average of 52 hours in road congestion in one year, it doesn't surprise anyone that we can take home this title.

5. Worst Taxes In The Country

Earlier this year,Quebec was ranked #1 for highest taxes in all of Canada. This may come as a bit of a surprise since monthly rent in Montreal is incredibly lower than many other major Canadian cities, but it's true, we seriously get taxed a much higher percentage than the rest of the country.

6. The Worst for Calling in Sick to Work

It's official, people who live in Quebec have been statistically proven to take more sick days and miss more work than any other province in Canada. It's kind of difficlt to point fingers in a situation like this, we can't help getting sick!

7. Worst City Potholes in the World

As if you weren't already certain of this, there's actual proof that Montreal is the worst city in the world for potholes. Our city took first place in the entire world for having the most potholes. Now it's obvious something needs to be done.

I guess you could say Quebec is an award-winning province!

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