The Top Craziest Promises Made By The CAQ If Elected

The vote is in.
The Top Craziest Promises Made By The CAQ If Elected

The vote is in and the Coalition Avenir Quebec has officially been elected.

The CAQ won a majority government, which is impressive considering the liberals have mostly been in power in Quebec for the last 15 years. 

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The CAQ has made a lot of promises. Some which are a little crazier than others, and now that they've been elected we'll have to see which of these they actually follow through with. 

Here are all the crazy promises made by the Coalition Avenir Quebec. 

The Religious Symbol Ban

Legault made a promise that in his first year in office he wants Quebec to have a Secularism Charter. This would ban government employees from wearing visible religious symbols at work. 

The Pink Line

The CAQ said that if they were elected they would cancel the plans to build a new Pink STM metro line. Instead they said they will spend $10 billion to extend the blue line, a few highways, and the light rail system. 


One of the biggest issues during the election was immigration, and the CAQ has one of the most criticized plans for dealing with it. This includes a controversial “Quebec values” test and a radical plan to kick people who don't speak French out of Quebec by making them take a French language test. 

Harsh Marijuana Laws

Quebec already had some pretty harsh marijuana laws compared to the rest of the country, but now the CAQ wants to make legalization laws even stricter. They want the minimum age to be 21, which is 2 years higher than every other province in Canada. They also want to allow municipalities to set their own rules. That means there will be lots of confusing smoking bans all over the province. 


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