A List Of All The Crazy Promises Made During The Quebec Elections So Far

But can the parties fulfill these promises?
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A List Of All The Crazy Promises Made During The Quebec Elections So Far

Election season is in full swing in Quebec.

As political posters begin to line the streets, promises are flying through the media as party representatives vie for the attention of voters.

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Of course, residents of Quebec are accustomed to unfulfilled promises and untenable plans. But it's fun to imagine all the political possibilities. You never know! Some promises might actually manifest!

This cycle, four major parties are competing for power at the National Assembly: le parti libéral du Québec (PLQ), Québec solidaire (QS), la coalition avenir Québec (CAQ), and the parti québécois (PQ). Though, over one dozen smaller parties are attempting to attract the attention of the electorate as well.

With so much news and so many opinions overwhelming media coverage of the campaign period, it can be difficult to keep track of just which party promises what.

To help you out, we've compiled a list of the big promises from each of the four major parties:

Parti Libéral du Québec (PLQ)

Leader: Phillipe Couillard (current premier)

– hundreds of millions of dollars in additional education spending
– more daycare spots
– free daycare for toddlers
– a few extra hundred dollars each year for families with children
– expand internet coverage across the province
– salary increases for teachers
– construct another passage across the river to Québec City
– invest in public transit in the capital
– give more power to the regions of Quebec

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Québec Solidaire (QS)

Spokesperson: Manon Massé (of moustache fame)

– free dental care
– give sign langauge an official status in the province
– free graduate school
– eliminate gas-powered cars in the province by 2050
– ambitious environmental protection program on both land and sea
– $15/hour minimum wage
– multi-billion dollar investment in education
– reduce public transit fares by half

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Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ)

Leader: François Legault

– incentivize a reduction in energy consumption
– recognition of "Quebec as a nation"
– require public institutions to source their food locally
– invest hundreds of millions of dollars to expand internet coverage
– cut immigration by 20%
– guaruntee a family doctor
– invest $10 billion in Montreal-area infrastructure
– finally expand the STM blue line
– increase of over one thousand dollars per year for multi-child families
– cut over two hundred thousand jobs in the public sector

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Parti Québécois

Leader: Jean-François Lisée

– incentivize working from home
– expand cell service across the province
– cancel Montreal's planned Réseau Express Metropolitain (REM) rail system
– incentivize carpooling
– $15/hour minimum wage
– expand parental leave
– invest in school supplies so parents/guardians don't have to buy any
– incentivize hunting
– more protections for the French language
– another referendum by 2022 on sovereignty
– a tax on "foreign internet services" like Netflix

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