All The Wild Weather Montreal Can Expect In April

Will winter ever end?
​People wait for a bus in Montreal.

People wait for a bus in Montreal.

When the sun came out last week and the thermometer hit double-digit temperatures, most of us were convinced winter was finally over for good.

But according to the latest forecasts, we were wrong. Dead wrong.

We may be over and done with winter, but winter isn't done with us just yet. Here's all the wild weather Montreal can expect in April.


Last night, Montreal was battered with damaging wind gusts, and we can expect more of the same today.


Surprisingly, it's going to be a lot colder in April than it was during the end of March. This morning it's -10 outside, which is 17.6 degrees lower than the average high at this time of year. And over the next seven days, temperatures will remain below average. Luckily, things should start warming up by next Thursday.


Somehow, The Weather Network is predicting one last snowstorm before winter finally ends. Yesterday, the forecast was calling for 5 centimetres of snow, but now it looks as if we could get up to 10 centimetres of snow tonight. The flurries are also expected to continue over the next seven days.


Starting April 13, we'll be trading the snow in for some rain. In fact, it's supposed to rain for eight straight days, so there may be flood warnings in effect at some point next week.

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