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All The Crazy Weather Montreal Can Expect In August

Goodbye heatwaves.
All The Crazy Weather Montreal Can Expect In August

It's finally August, which means the end of Summer is coming closer, Pride week in Montreal is very soon, back to school commercials start showing up on TV again, and the weather starts to change. Every year can be a bit different when it comes to weather in Montreal. Some years August can be the most cruel month, and others it is a nice transition into the cooler Autumn temperatures everyone loves.

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Well, this year we're in for a surprise. I think it's safe to say no matter what kind of weather we get, we'll all just be happy if it's any different than July. Seriously, according to Envrionment Canada this was the hottest July on record in Montreal in over 97 years! At the beginning of the month the massive heatwave that had hold over the city was the cause of 53 deaths.

This Summer's weather has been incredibly hard on us so far, so you can consider August a miracle, as temperatures look like they'll be a lot closer to normal.


According to a long range weather forecast for the month of August, the average temperature for the entire month will be around 22 degrees. Overall that's 3 degrees above average weather for the month, but who's complaining? 

The weather itself, well, is for the most part kind of a let down. Right from the beginning of August all the way until the very last days you should expect to see thunderstorms A LOT. Although on the bright side the rain is what'll be keeping the temperatures in the city pretty cool.

The week of August 6-11 is when you'll want to plan all of your bucket list activities and outdoor endeavors, as it'll be the nicest week we'll have all month. With a forecast for sunny and hot weather, it sounds like that'll be our final farewell to the Summer heat.

Even though there'll be a lot of rainy days ahead at least we can all relax a bit about whether or not we have to brace ourselves for another month of deadly weather, and instead look forward to the seasons changing and the temperatures being bearable. 

Have a great August, Montreal!

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