All The Crazy Weather Montreal Can Expect In March

Yes, there's a lot more snow headed our way.
All The Crazy Weather Montreal Can Expect In March

When the weather started warming up in February we all thought winter was finally over. And when all the forecasters said the snow would be making a comeback, we simply didn't want to believe it.

But now winter is back with a vengeance in Montreal, and it looks like the snow is going to be sticking around for awhile.

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Here's all the crazy weather Montreal can expect in March:

First let's answer the question that's on everyone's mind. When is it going to stop snowing?

Unfortunately, the short answer is: It won't.

Montreal will be gettinganother 5cm of snow today, with more on the way Thursday. After that, temperatures will be much colder so none of it will be melting away.

Then just as things slowly start to warm up we'll be hit another 10+ centimeters at the end of March.

Via theweathernetwork

The Old Farmers Almanac even predicts Montreal be gettinga huge snowstorm in April, so winter is far from over.

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