All The Free Concerts You Can See At The Top Of Montreal's Mont Royal This Summer

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All The Free Concerts You Can See At The Top Of Montreal's Mont Royal This Summer

Alright, raise your hand if you love yourself some live music. TBH, I know everyone's hand i sup right now, because live music is awesome.

The only thing better than live music? Free live music. And if you're wondering where you can check out a whole bunch of free live shows, right here in Montreal, then stop wondering. I got your backs.

Starting this summer - and lasting all the way through to October - Les amis de la montagne will be hosting six free musical shows, Sundays throughout the season.

Taking place at the Mont-Royal Chalet, the lineup this year includes jazz and classical music, and has one seriously sweet lineup.

Check out the full free lineup below.

Sunday, June 12 – 3 p.m.

Youth, Virtuosity and Passion!

Eva Lesage, violin / Noel Campbell, cello / Michel-Alexandre Broekaert, piano

Sunday, July 103 p.m.

Jazz for a Sunday Afternoon: Project Chopin

Trio Guillaume Martineau : Guillaume Martineau, piano / Eric Lagacé, bass / Mark Nelson, drums

Sunday, August 73 p.m.

Sunshine! Colours! Rythm!

Olivia Musat, piano

Sunday, September 43 p.m.

Guitars en folie!

Fandango Quartet: Julian Geisterfer, Tobie-Éloi Hinse-Paré, Roberto Martinez and Simon Rivet

Sunday, October 23 p.m.

Piano Forte!

Emily Oulousian, piano, Grand Prize of “Virtuose”  Radio-Canada TV show

Sunday, October 233 p.m.

Andara String Quartet 

Marie-Claire Vaillancourt, violin/ Jeanne Côté, violin/ Vincent Delorme, alto/ Dominique Beauséjour-Ostiguy, cello

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