4 All-New Rides You Need To Try At La Ronde This Summer

Quebec's largest amusement park just got even better!
4 All-New Rides You Need To Try At La Ronde This Summer

Everyone knows the best place to be in the summer is Montreal. Okay, so it might not be a tropical paradise, but it does get hot, and there are just so many fun and exciting things to do, who needs palm trees anyway.

One activity that always screams summer is Montreal's very own amusement park. Many of us grew up going to La Ronde on sunny days, riding the Monster and eating way too much candy, and while there are certain classics that will never get old, there are a few brand-spanking-new rides coming this year guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping!

Vampire Backwards

Ya, you read that right. They've flipped the seats around to run in reverse so you climb the 32-meter lift hill, and blast through five inversions at speeds of up to 80 km/h completely blind to what's ahead! If you thought the iconic Vampire coaster was already intense, wait until you try it going backwards...



One of two brand-new rides in La Ronde's recently finished Avenue Aventure area, soar through the air riding on a 2-passenger flamed scooter that puts you in control of the action. With 8 flying scooters total, feel the wind under your wings (so-to-speak) while spin and swerve for an interactive thrill ride you won't find anywhere else.


Head over to the new Avenue Aventure area to ride the Gravitor! This high-flying adventure puts you and 40 other passengers in a huge suspended gondola to spin round and round.

The New Revolution Virtual Reality Experience

The first of its kind in Canada, the New Revolution VR Experience really is the future of roller coasters. Enjoy the rush of dropping down The Goliath's 175-foot climb-hill at a 70 degree angle, reaching speeds of 110 km/h, while being completely immersed in a 360 degree virtual reality adventure thanks to Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus headsets.

I'll let you discover for yourself what you actually see, but speaking as someone who has now ridden this incredibly fun ride 5 times, it is a trip like no other.

With 40 unique rides and attractions, including 10 roller coasters, La Ronde is Quebec's largest amusement park and it just keeps getting better and better. Host to many amazing events and theme nights, including the stunning L'International des Feux Loto-Québec, La Ronde provides endless hours of fun and thrills to suit all ages right here in our own backyard.

And the best way to experience La Ronde is definitely with their super affordable season passes. Season passes gives you unlimited entrance, free parking, as well as special admission offers for your friends.

Also new this year, passholders can add a Gold Season Dining Pass, which includes lunch, dinner, and snack during every park visit, plus a 2016 All Season Sport Bottle for unlimited drink refills.

Check out La Ronde's official website for all the details, and like them on Facebook to get all the updates.

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