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All The Photos Of The Massive Fire In Montreal's Plateau Right Now You Gotta See To Believe

This morning a fire broke out in Montreal, and the one comment on everyone's mind is: not again!

The first fire was just last Thursday in Chinatown, this time however, it's in the Plateau. The call came in this morning (Wed. 23rd) at 9:15 am.

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The fire is in a 3 storey building located on Parc Avenue between Milton and Sherbrooke. According to some tweets, the exact address is 3462 Avenue du Parc. If that's true then that's means it's the old Cafe Amusement located next door to Alto's

There are about a dozen fire trucks on the scene and nearly 100 firefighters working to put out the flames.

via @danaevilblog

Smoke heading east, swept by the wind

— JFigueredoMTL (@JFigueredoMTL) November 23, 2016

Its only black smoke now. Fire is eating the building on Parc avenue. Flames are huge.

— Momo El Salahi (@momosalahi) November 23, 2016




— Nicholas Nadeau (@EngNadeau) November 23, 2016

Fire on Parc Street

— Chris Papps (@pappscicle) November 23, 2016



— Stéphanie Dorémus (@stefdoremus) November 23, 2016

Its only black smoke now. And i see the flames. @CBCMontreal@JdeMontreal.

— Momo El Salahi (@momosalahi) November 23, 2016



— Rob Boddice (@virbeatum) November 23, 2016

Feu au coin de l'avenue Du Parc et Sherbrooke. #montreal Beaucoup de fumée épaisse

— Stéphanie Alcaraz (@Steph_Alcaraz) November 23, 2016



— Geoffroi Labelle (@Gefflab) November 23, 2016

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